Sports Mouthguards

Millions of teeth are lost or traumatized annually during sporting activities. A single lost tooth can cost an individual thousands of dollars in dental treatment over a lifetime. Mouthguards also reduce the risk of concussions, soft tissue mouth injuries, and head, jaw and neck injuries.

Athletes Who Need a Custom Sports Guard

Mouthguards are recommended for all activities where you may make any contact or fall. A full cage helmet  alone is not enough to protect the teeth. Athletes in many sports need Custom Sports Guards including:Assorted Proform Custom Mouth Guards

  • hockey,
  • soccer,
  • ringette,
  • basketball,
  • soccer,
  • baseball, and
  • martial arts.


Regular Sportsguards Vs. Custom Sports Guards

Yellow and Black Pro Form Custom Sports Mouth Guard

Compared to boil and bite sportsguards, Custom Sports Guards

  • fit better and won’t slip out of place from jarring contact.
  • provide maximum impact dispersion and protection against tooth damage
  • are more durable and keep their shape better
  • allow better breathing, providing increased oxygen intake for maximum performance and endurance
  • let you speak clearly with teammates
  • allow you to drink with the sportsguard in
  • come in numerous colours
  • for those wearing braces, boil and bites are the only option as the teeth move quickly during orthodontic treatment not allowing custom guards to fit for very long

How are they made?

  • After a general examination of the mouth and teeth is performed by your North Delta and Surrey dentist, Dr. Calvin Tham.  A member of the dental team will take a custom impression (mould) of your teeth.  You will get to choose what colour of sportsguard you would like. The impression will get sent to our dental laboratory, where technicians will custom fabricate your sportsguard.  Within two weeks, our team will see you back and make sure the sportsguard fits properly and will give you instructions on how to take care of it.


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