Root Canal

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you may need a root canal. The tooth pain can be caused by severe decay, cracks, or infections (dental abscess) in or below the tooth. At our North Delta/Surrey dental clinic at Scott Road, we can relieve your dental pain caused by unhealthy or injured teeth through root canal therapy.

During root canal treatment, Dr. Tham and his North Delta Dental Team will remove tissue from the decayed or cracked tooth after numbing the area first. After cleaning and disinfecting the root canal, it will be filled with special sealing material.  Lastly, your tooth will be fitted for a crown to protect the tooth and restore the tooth to function.

Although popular culture, has made root canal therapy sound like a big painful procedure, generally in most instances, the treatment itself is relatively pain-free once the area has been numbed with local anesthesia.  To have a better idea of how the procedure works at our North Delta/Surrey dental clinic, please check out the video below:

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