Eat Your Fruits, Skip the Juice

As Health Canada is updating Canada’s Food Guide, one significant change will be the removal of juice as a recommended daily intake. To help reduce sugar intake, Health Canada’s proposed recommendations are for water to be the beverage of choice.
For Dr. Tham, from a dentist’s perspective, this recommendation will go a long way in reducing dental caries (tooth decay) risk.  Many people are unaware that a cup (250mL) of fruit juice can have more than 6 teaspoons of sugar!  Most people often drink more than just a cup of juice, so the sugar intake may even be higher.
Bacteria that cause dental decay feast off the sugars/carbohydrates that we consume and as a byproduct of their digestion, they produce acid.  It is this acid the softens the enamel and can lead to tooth decay!  The risk for decay increases based on the amount and frequency of consumption of carbs.
Fruits and vegetables are an important part of our diet for its nutrient and vitamin content.  At North Delta Dental, our recommendations are “Fresh is Best”.  So eat your fruits and vegetables; avoid processed foods and Skip the Juice!
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