Millions of teeth are lost or traumatized annually during sporting activities. A single lost tooth can cost an individual thousands of dollars in dental treatment over a lifetime. Mouthguards also reduce the risk of concussions, soft tissue mouth injuries, and head, jaw and neck injuries.

Athletes Who Need a Custom Sports Guard

Assorted Proform Custom Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are recommended for all activities where you may make any contact or fall. A full cage helmet  alone is not enough to protect the teeth. Athletes in many sports need Custom Sports Guards including:

  • hockey,
  • soccer,
  • ringette,
  • basketball,
  • soccer,
  • baseball, and
  • martial arts.
Check out this video as Dr. Calvin Tham discusses the benefits of mouthguards and the differences between store-bought boil and bites; and custom made sportsguards from the dentist.


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