Bacteria in your mouth cause dental decay. These bacteria (sugar bugs)  digest the carbs in your diet and produce an acid. This acid then breaks down the enamel that can lead to dental decay.


But you can prevent dental decay. Floss and brush your teeth for 3 minutes, twice a day to keep good oral health.


Diet also plays a huge role in reducing your child’s risk for dental decay. Carbs are the fuel for the bacteria in your mouth to produce the acid that can lead to dental decay. Your own saliva counter-acts that acid but it is a slow process that takes 2-3 hours. If you have small meals or snack often throughout the day, then your mouth stays acidic and this increases your risk for developing decay. Modifications to the overall amount of carbs eaten and the frequency eaten throughout the day will help reduce your risk for dental decay. Snacks like  nuts, cheeses and vegetables are better than crackers, granola and dried fruit.


Stick to mostly water and avoid juice at all cost. One cup of fruit juice has about 8 tsp of sugar!


Have a look at this video as Smiling Sam and the Cavity-Free Kid discuss good and bad snacks for our teeth.


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