Fissure Sealants are Important for Kids Teeth!


What are Fissure sealants?
They are protective coatings that are placed on the biting surfaces of the permanent molars. They cover over the pits and grooves of the teeth and protect them from the bacteria that cause dental decay.


When are Fissure sealants needed?
Dr. Tham assesses the new adult teeth at your child’s regular dental examinations. The first molar will usually arrive around age 6 behind the baby molars. More permanent teeth will then replace the baby molars from around age 10 to 14.


How are Fissure sealants placed?
Dr. Tham and his North Delta Dental team will isolate the tooth with cotton to keep the area dry from saliva. The tooth surface is cleaned and dried. The sealant material is squeezed onto the tooth surface. The material is set and hardened with a blue light.


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