Your Child’s Very First Dental Visit!

Your Child’s Very First Dental Visit!

So when should you take your child for their very first dental examination?

The Canadian Dental Association and BC Dental Association recommends that your child’s first visit to the dentist should occur within 6 months of their first tooth or by the age of 1.

Isn’t that a waste of time, since the child is so young and not much will be done?

Dr. Calvin Tham and his North Delta Dental team will spend time getting your child familiar with the surroundings of the dental office.  We want everyone to be comfortable and feel like it’s a fun place to visit.  Although this first visit does involve a look inside your child’s mouth, more time is spent chatting with the parents about home care and things to watch out for.

What is discussed with parents?

We will spend the time to answer any questions you may have about your child’s teeth and home care including:

  • Teething and how to help with the associated symptoms
  • How and when to start brushing your child’s teeth with fluoridated toothpaste
  • How does diet play an important factor in dental decay?  What foods should you avoid?  What foods are good for teeth?
  • When should you consider weaning your child off the baby bottle or sippy cup?

Our belief is that dental health begins at an early age and by providing this dental health education to your family we hope to instill all the healthy habits to ensure your child’s optimal dental health.

To schedule your child’s very first examination, contact a member of our North Delta Dental team at our North Delta/Surrey office located on Scott Rd and 64th ave at 604-596-9900.

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