Help us Put an End to Oral Cancer!

The victims of oral cancer aren’t limited to smokers and tobacco users! Though these habits remain major risk factors, the largest percentage of oral cancer patients are young, healthy, non-smoking individuals that are connected to the HPV virus. We can’t stop the spread of the virus, so the best chance we have for saving lives is through early detection and public awareness.

Celebrate Oral Health Month by getting your VELscope Oral Cancer Screening!

oral cancer

The VELscope system helps dental professionals visualize abnormalities in the mucosal tissues of your lips, mouth and upper throat. In just two minutes, with no rinses, stains or discomfort, a VELscope examination lets healthcare professionals improve their assessment of your overall oral health.

COMPLIMENTARY VELscope appointments available on Tuesday April 22nd between 8am and 1pm for patients, their friends and their families, see our receptionist to reserve your time today!

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